About me

Hi there my name is Geoff I’m a cartographer with a side passion for all things web.


My day job is producing maps for a well known UK map publisher, which is handy as I am very enthusiastic about maps and love making them for both paper and digital products.

As experienced user of both ArcGis and Adobe Creative Suite I enjoy taking raw geospatial data and turning it into attractive user-friendly mapping.


As part of my passion for all things web I really enjoy coding. Creating  a smooth user experience through elegant design is something that fascinates me, but my true passion (possibly following a trend from my cartography) is back-end systems. Building systems that collect, manage and distribute data in pleasingly ingenious and simple ways is something that I really enjoy.

Working mainly in PHP with a good helping of javascript on the front I have build a number of internal systems for my employer. However, I’m looking for the opportunity to spread my wings in the big wide world and have a couple of small side projects running, these both help keep my interest going and aim to demonstrate what I can do.

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